Working Hard

Gabby Hartley, Ph.D. student, assisting at an excavation to look for skeletal remains for DNA analysis in Farmington, CT

Emily Fuller, Ph.D. student


The lab at the Mobile Genetic Elements Conference in 2019

Savannah Klein, Ph.D. student, loads a MinION sequencing flow cell.

Kate Castellano, Ph.D. student presents at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB), 2018

Dr O'Neill presenting at the Institute for Systems Genomics Conference, 2018

Melinda Wei, undergraduate, presents her Honors thesis at the Frontiers in Undergraduate Research (Poster exhibition), 2019

Savannah Klein and Kate Castellano, both Ph.D. students in molecular and cell biology, work on a project at the Institute for Systems Genomics. (Bri Diaz/UConn Photo)

Some of the O'Neill Lab, circa 2017

Dr. O'Neill's lab participates in the Young Scholars Program. This is one of the many talented high school students presenting her work.

Horseshoe crab hatchlings

Kate Castellano, Ph.D. student, works on research vessel Alucia in collaboration with WHOI, 2018.